Dream Factory

At DIVECO we have implemented programs to create ties between employees and the Company, such as the Dream Factory; this activity allows us to identify the experience of values and good performance of our employees where their actions are recognized by their coworkers.

Dream Factory is part of our organizational culture, which is based on supporting our employees by contributing to their dreams and desires. We like to share with our people the outcome achieved as a company, we are proud to promote corporate responsibility with our employees.

Diveco Gladiators

At DIVECO we are very satisfied to recognize employees for good work, since we are clear that they are the engine that gives life to the profitability and sustainability of the Company.

The Gladiators program recognizes the achievements of outstanding employees, which is done consecutively since we are aware that this dedication is part of their daily work.

Therefore, through these programs we promote motivation to perform well and strengthen the experience of our values that distinguish us as a company with principles.

DIVECO Group was established in 1971 and has achieved a successful leadership in the region with its strategic allies through a philosophy of values, innovation and resource efficiency, as well as customer focus. It currently has the most complete portfolio of brands in the region.